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In this region of Sudan, South Kordofan, school dropouts are at an all-time high. Schools were destroyed during the 2 years’ civil war between the government and Sudan’s rebel forces. Adam Bales, a journalist, visited the Nuba Mountains region and reports that many children are simply too scared to go to school. For nearly 3 years the Nuba people have been living under the shadow of conflict in Sudan. Almost every school in the Nuba mountain’s state of south Kordofan has been bombed or damaged by attacks, and at least 40% remain closed.

Many children have no school to go to or are too afraid to attend. Tunguli modern Primary School headmaster Butrus, says his school was bombed last year and he now holds lessons under trees close to the safety of Caves.

One of the challenges which we have here in the Nuba Mountains is security. Secondly, the school stationery is not available. The books we have here are for teachers exclusively. These books are not enough for students to use. Children have to do math’s on the sand since they have no exercise books, pencils or even textbooks.

The school's blackboard got damaged after a bomb fell just 100 meters away. Reports indicated that 120 of the 243 primary schools in 10-year Nuba mountain counties had been bombed. One major problem now was also a lack of teachers.Tunguli little Primary School has 13 teachers and 900 pupils. Because of insecurity a window blockade by Sudan’s government, means civilians living in SPLM-N held areas received no humanitarian support.

The speculations on the nature of the attacks on civilians is that they are designed to drive out the population and destabilize support for the SPLA North. Obviously bombing schools is destroying a future generation right to education. Adam bales for VOA News.


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