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One in Four Children is Founded by Stephen Kamal, himself a child of war and former refugee. Stephen left the Nuba Mountains in 1996 after the intensely horrific war, drought and famine and disease outbreak that resulted in an estimated 100,000 to 200,000 deaths, and the displacement of over 1 million people in the Nuba Mountains in what many described as Genocide against the Nuba. Stephen see’s education as a pillar of society. He was inspired to start One in Four after many conversations with Nuba children in Refugee camps living in Uganda, Sudan, Egypt and Kenya, in which many said lack of quality books was a major pain point for them. Along with Peter Sambia Kagi Kowa, they set out to change the narrative for so many of these children stuck in a complete cycle of poverty and ensure knowledge is attainable for all who seek it.

Our main vehicle of change is by setting up and stocking school libraries with books for the benefit of the whole community in Sudan, South Sudan, Uganda, Kenya and PNG. We chose books because we believe books change lives. We know because we’ve lived on both sides of the fence and the difference some literacy in the way of being able to read and write can make is immeasurable.


Focus Areas

One in four children Inc. has a vision to make knowledge accessible to all who seek, this is supported by our mission to eradicate poverty by building a future where all children can read and write through education and knowledge sharing.

Our Five Year Strategic Plan

  1. Build, Strengthen and Structure One In Four Governance
  2. Global Leadership and Advocacy
  3. Information and Knowledge Management
  4. Build for sustainability and Resilience
  5. Effective Stakeholder Management
  6. Embrace Change and Leverage for future growth

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To make accessible knowledge to all who seek.


To eradicate poverty by building a future where all children can read and write.

our core values

We have an unwavering passion for what we do, We speak up on matters of principle. We serve with conviction. Our core principles of CARE never change.


We love what we do, we embrace challenges, we see things through.


We say what we will do, we do what we say we will do. When we fail we take responsibility.


We listen, Speak with courtesy and celebrate all inherent differences.


We invest in our people, everything we do we it exceptionally.

Stephen Kamal


board of directors

Founder & President Stephen Kamal works with a talented team of professionals to accomplish One In Four Children's mission objectives.

Australia Team

Peter Sambia


Stephen Natana

Programs Director

Jargi Joseph

Advocacy Director

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