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One in Four believes that when communities build communities, we create stronger bonds, provide a sense of belonging and create safer and thriving communities the world over.

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Our Approach to Solving illiteracy is by; Working with Both Private and public schools to convert school libraries into community libraries for the benefit of all...


Funds are vital for creating a fully functional and thriving ecosystem. Primarily to fund transportation of books to the Nuba mountains, transportation costs to get the books to school libraries in the Nuba Mountains...


Even having a basic level of computer literacy is vital to having access to information which drives up innovation. Donating school hardware resources will also allow One in Four to develop a...



Primary School Bombed in String of Attacks on Civilians

I don’t really feel safe here, it’s very inhuman. We just thank God that the children were not here in the primary school because these metal pieces, they would’ve probably killed some more children in the school. Thank God it was a correction day at the end of term and most of them are supposed to come on Friday to get their results and thank God they were home and only the teachers were here.

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Schools under the bombs in the Nuba Mountains of Sudan by Matteo Osanna and Bruna Sironi

This video is in Italian and appears to show how students are adapting to life after their school was destroyed by recent aerial bombardments. The video alsos highlights the rich tapestry of the Nuba Culture, Identity and way of life. The unspeakable attrocities designed to crush the Nuba people becauses leaving a trail of destruction at every corrner; schools, meadical clinics, churches, farms, and property. It was brought the Nuba people together galvanised their desire for a better life.

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Scocc Primary school

I am pastor Mukhtar from Kauda. Today, I want to share with you important updates about Socc primary school. This school opened in 2007 and it has lasted us this far. Although we had issues from the beginning, as we’ve grown these issues are now crippling our school. The students, and teachers suffer from many fronts. There is no stationery, no educational books. My name is Abraham Kodi, and I am the headmaster of this school.

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Sudan Bombing Takes Heavy Toll on Children

This mother lost 6 children in a bombing and she's one of many people we spoke to in the Nuba mountains in Southern Kordofan where the Sudanese government has been fighting an Insurgency war against armed opposition for the last 4 years. One of the Sudanese government tactics in the rebel control parts of Nuba mountains is using Antonov cargo planes or fighter jets to drop bombs on civilian populations causing mass destruction of houses, clinics, hospitals, schools and we met people whose homes had just been destroyed that day by aerial bombardment by the Sudanese government.

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Sudan Violence Education

In this region of Sudan, South Kordofan, school dropouts are at an all-time high. Schools were destroyed during the 2 years’ civil war between the government and Sudan’s rebel forces. Adam Bales, a journalist, visited the Nuba Mountains region and reports that many children are simply too scared to go to school. For nearly 3 years the Nuba people have been living under the shadow of conflict in Sudan. Almost every school in the Nuba mountain’s state of south Kordofan has been bombed or damaged by attacks, and at least 40% remain closed.

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The Worst Atrocity You've Never Heard Of Sudan's Nuba Mountains

These kids remind me of 21st century Anne Franks. They are hiding out from the savagery of war and getting almost no help from world powers. When a bomber appears ahead, they bolt into caves infested with bombs. To document these crimes against humanity in Sudan, I sneaked into Sudan’s Nuba Mountains with a video journalist. The only way is to cross illegally through rebel lines. There are no taxis, cell phones and only rumours of roads.

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A Hidden Hunger Life in the Caves of the Nuba Mountains

Let me go and show you something in the caves. This is the last bag of food for the month. This one will not even last us 10 days. And if it finishes the kids will have nothing to eat. This is everything we own. They instituted a blockade on the Nuba Mountains and 80% of the population here have to survive on a single ration a day.

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Education Undone School bombings drive a generation out of the classroom

A little ago, when we attended here, this school used to be very good, now see how it looks? Everything is broken Children carrying their injured and dead colleagues to a room within the classroom of their recently destroyed school. We as the teachers, we were near the buildings and the students were having lunch in the school yard. We heard the sound of the Antonov bomber. Preceding there was unimaginable chaos, and we could not hold on.

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Elementary English Teacher in Sudan Becomes Citizen Reporter

A young man used to teach in an English elementary school. I used work in the exam printing press. The war has completely destroyed everything, our quality of life, our culture and identity. Due to the destruction of schools, many are not operational due to the lack of materials, like chalk, books and other necessary supplies. Our education has ceased, I have joined the team with eyes and ears, so that we are able to showcase the atrocities being committed by the regime of President Bashir that he denies.

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Lost Generation of Sudan

25 years ago this country was on fire. Almost no one knew what has happening in Sudan, so the Fire of Genocide spread. It burned for more than 15 years and 2 million people died in the flames but out of those ashes came hope. After watching their parents die trying to protect them they walked for years through dangers we can’t imagine.

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Nuba Mountains Conflict Intensifies as Rains Arrive

Fighting continues in the Nuba Mountains 5 years after war erupted in this remote Sudanese Border region. Rebel forces are still battling government troops, with civilians being caught in the middle. Fire, fire hold on! Shouts a soldier in the background. These images were captured during a rare embed with the SPLM-N Rebel forces during a recent offensive by the Sudanese army and allied militias. Heavy artillery and shelling continues on multiple fronts. The rebels have so repelled most of the advances of the government forces.

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Nuba School Unreported World Channel 4 13th April - 7.30pm

Almost everyday, Sudan is using government aircrafts to bomb its own civilians. Thousands have fled to seek shelter from explosions. This is a typical day at school for the children of the Nuba Mountains. School children line up at the morning school assembly. They sing patriotic hymns. “This is our land, this is our land. We love our land, New Sudan”. Soon, the children observe an Antonov bomber and run to take cover into the caves. These are amazing scenes! says the reporter. When an Antonov bomber sees a large group of people, it circles over and comes back to attack. These are just children! He continues. Has this area been bombed? Asks the reporter. Yes! Several times, says the teacher. So the danger is very real? Yes, he replies! Yes exactly, that's how it is. When the plane comes, we make them (the children) run into the caves to save their lives.

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